Non-Toxic Dryer Sheets Using Essential Oils

Dryer sheets are probably even more toxic than store-bought laundry detergent. Open up your internet browser and look it up. Don’t just take my word for it. Search anything from “dryer sheets + health risks” to “dryer sheets + toxic”. Anything. You will find at least 5 articles with information on why you should avoid them. They might make your clothes smell “nice”, but they certainly don’t make your clothes any cleaner. Just the opposite.

Now listen, I’m not judging you for using them or anything. Far from it. TRUST ME, I used to LOVE THEM. They made everything “smell good” so you bet I was obsessed.

Until I started reading up and learning the truth behind their ingredients.

For the last several years, I’ve avoided them while doing my family’s laundry and I’ve used wool dryer balls. I add a few drops of essential oils to them to help them smell good but sometimes, I just throw them in without anything. It depends on how much time I have. #SorryNotSorry. I will say though, they do help dry clothes faster, and my husband loves them. I don’t know why, but while there are days I sometimes even forget to throw them in all together, he NEVER forgets, LOL!! It’s so funny and cute. He’s all, “where are the dryer balls?” whenever he transfers a load from the washer into the dryer for me.

So anyway, I recently came across this new idea on social media. I don’t remember who posted it or where so I can’t give them credit – sorry – but it seemed super easy so I gave it a try. So far, I love it.


1) container
2) white vinegar
3) water
4) pieces of fabric or small wash cloths
5) essential oils

1) Put your wash cloths in your container
2) In a separate bowl, combine your white vinegar and water. The ratio will be up to you. I did half and half.
3) Add however many drops of essential oils you want for scent.
4) Add your vinegar/water/oil solution to your container with your wash cloths.
5) Done!

How to use:
Simply add one wet cloth with your wet clothes to your dryer. 🙂 Once it all dries, you can put the cloth back in your container.

SO EASY and it helps lessen the amount of waste too. Win-win all around.

Of course, let me know if you give this a try!!

I hope you found this helpful.



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