Golden Milk Recipe

Okay, you guys, I will be really honest. I have been wanting to make “Golden Milk” for a while but I always kept forgetting. I had also always wondered if it would actually taste good. I mean, turmeric isn’t known for its delicious taste, LOL!

BUT, I had purchased Young Living’s Golden Turmeric a few months back and I remember actually REALLY liking it. I was, hands down, surprised by this too! So fast forward to TODAY, I – f i n a l l y – remembered to make this.


I am a FAN. It’s SO easy to make too!! I mean, I’m sure there are 1.5 million different recipes, but I’m a simple girl.


1 cup milk
1 tsp of Young Living’s Golden Turmeric – you can buy yours here using my referral link
optional: cinnamon

Heat up your milk on the stove and stir in YLโ€™s Golden Turmeric.
Once its all mixed together, pour into your mug and enjoy!
I added some cinnamon to mine and then stirred it in.

Guys, itโ€™s absolutely DELICIOUS! I was a bit nervous but I legit reallllyyyyyy like it.

Now, do yourself a favor and research health benefits of turmeric or health benefits of golden milk.

It can be a source of antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, calcium… It can help reduce inflammation, improve brain health….


Let me know if you end up giving it a try!


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